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What will happen to my story?

The research team will read and listen to every story.  They will analyse and look for trends and patterns that come from the stories.   We will be writing a report with recommendations.  In the report, we will be using lots of examples from people, but we will confidentially do this, so you will not be identified.

Who will see my story?

Only the research team will have access to your story.   Information will be held securely and only authorized team members will have access.

How long will my information be held?

The information we hold is personal data and therefore you must know that we can only hold it for a limited time and a limited purpose.  The plan is that we will securely hold your personal data for 6 months from the time the research project is concluded.  We will then destroy your personal data.

How long will the research take?

We are scheduled to complete the research, including reporting by March 2021.

Will I be able to get a copy of the report?

Yes.  The 5 Sports Councils will provide you with a copy of the report.

Am I able to use your marketing material?

If you wish to share or repost any content that we’ve created to promote this project, you may do so, but no modifications can be made.   Any other usage of our material is prohibited.