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Take Part 

Last year, the world witnessed the impact of race and racism within society and in sport. We know that things must change and that we need to seize this opportunity to listen, learn and work with all communities to shape the future.

The #TELLYOURSTORY campaign has been created for the purpose to come together to bring about real change!

Get involved by entering one of the online forums (Sign up here), where you can speak openly about your experiences, including historical and present-day issues, and do so without apology. Additionally, you can upload or write your account, send in a voice note or a detailed video of your experiences via the ‘Your Story‘ page.

We encourage anyone who is Black, Asian or from another Ethnic Minority to connect with the #TELLYOURSTORY team and get involved.

We are working with UK Sport, Sport England, Sport Wales, sportscotland and Sport Northern Ireland. They understand that things must change and they want to learn from you. Your contributions will shape the future.

This research is wide-reaching. We want to hear from you if you’re a participant (elite/professional/grassroots), a coach, parent, volunteer, fan or staff. The research team will analyse all the information, but be assured the final report will not distil your story down to a statistic. The project will ensure that your lived experiences are heard and shape the future of sport.


The engine behind #TellYourStory

AKD is a black-owned learning and development consultancy which was selected to work with the five Sports Councils after a competitive public tender process. We bid to do this project because for our whole team it’s personal.

For AKD, this is more than a research project. It is an opportunity for people to tell their stories without apology, and to be heard without filters. We will gather your experiences and make sure that the five councils listen to you, and use your stories to shape real change.

This is why we need you to get involved with #TellYourStory.

If you want to find out more about AKD click here.

Upcoming Forums

Below are the next forums.  But we have a number of forums for the different countries and specialised groups.  For more details click here.